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Ipsum Health is part of The Independent General Practice (IGP). As a company, we provide Private GP and Occupational Health services. As we are both an Occupational Health provider and a Private GP service, we are in the unique position of being able to advise and treat patients.

At the core of what we do, is to provide absence management advice and reports for those that have been on short or long-term absence. We also provide pre-placement and safety critical medicals for those starting new employment or undertaking a new role in the company. However, we also believe that prevention is better than cure, so we provide services that help your business avoid potential loss related to staff absence that can be avoided or mitigated against in the first place. Through health promotion, workplace assessment, vaccination and surveillance, Ipsum Health can help keep your business and employees healthy.

Absence Management

Ipsum Health provide absence management reports for companies who have employees on short and long-term sickness. Our experienced occupational health doctors can assess your employees health status and working environment in order to assess the expected return to work time frame. We can also suggest adjustments that may need to be made to facilitate a return to work and, if necessary, we can refer to a specialist or provide the treatment that will expedite the recovery period.

For Long Term Absence We Offer:

  • Assessment & Report - We provide a written evaluation of the employees' capability to perform the job.

  • Return-to-Work - We provide advice and facilitate support towards a likely return to work date.

  • NHS Liaison - With consent, we can liaise with the employee's NHS doctor and/or obtain the employee's NHS records.

  • Fast-Track Referrals - In most instances we are able fast-track specialist and/or consultant referrals.

  • General Medical Information - We can provide information about certain illnesses with proposed rehabilitation plans.

  • Employees also benefit by having fast and ongoing access to medical advice, consistent treatment of all absence and higher morale, which leads to increased retention.

  • Immediate Absence Management Solutions

    Ipsum health work with a number of businesses who require instant feedback on staff absence, and so, we have a developed a solution whereby staff report the reason for their absence to the company's HR department or employers and then immediately to us. An advisor is then able to liaise directly with the employee on the day of their absence, offering health advice to ensure a quick and suitable return to work schedule. We are then able to report directly back to the employer with an indication of the length of absence and the likely short and long-term impact.

    For more information relating to our Absence Management services please click the link below.

    Absence Management

    Pre-Placement Medicals

    Adding to your workforce should be a pain free and exciting prospect for any company. However, the possibility of future absence due to underlying illness or anti-discrimination legislation can increase the risk of your business paying for any prospective employees who are potentially unable to work in your company. This is where we can help.

    We will analyse your job demands and working environment in order to develop clear medical criteria necessary for your company. We can then devise a pre-employment questionnaire, driven by your own circumstances & requirements, which will be completed by prospective employees to ensure they are suitable for your particular work environment.

    This can also help avoid litigation against your company for discrimination against job applicants who do not fit your requirements for a particular role.*

    In addition we can also offer a more comprehensive medical examination where any pre-existing health condition can be documented and used to identify any illnesses, both physical and psychological, which may affect the prospective employees' ability to do the job now or in the future. Also, by screening health and fitness prior to employment, employers are able to identify potential health problems which could assist in countering any would be ill health claims subsequently made by the employee.

    *Under the Equality Act 2010, there is a legal requirement to ensure that an employer does not put any prospective or existing employee's health at risk. Therefore a sensible precaution would be for all prospective employees to have a pre-employment medical assessment prior to starting work.

    For more information relating to our safety critical Pre-placement Medicals please click the link below.

    Pre-Placement Medicals

    Safety Critical Medicals

    It is vital for employees to be fit for work in whatever job they do. Safety Critical Medicals are in-depth medicals designed to ensure anyone who may be undertaking safety-critical tasks is fit to do so. They identify any risk or likelihood of an employee developing a health problem whilst undertaking their work. They also ensure you, the company, are protecting the health of your employees by early detection of adverse changes or disease.

    If you have employees operating dangerous equipment or working in high risk environments, we can either complete the standard medical template provided, your own medical template or even help you to create a specific medical screening programme based on the requirements of the job.

    Types Of Safety Critical Medicals

    As standard, we can provide Fitness/Safety Critical Medicals for the following jobs, roles or activities:

  • Travel Visa Medicals

  • Offshore / Oil and Gas Medicals

  • D4 Driver Medicals

  • Forklift Truck (FLT) Medicals

  • Working at Heights

  • Night Work Medicals

  • Working in Confined Spaces

  • Lone Working Medicals

  • For more information relating to our safety critical medicals please click the link below.

    Safety Critical Medicals


    You may need to protect your staff against infections that can be contracted through work. Your staff may also be required to demonstrate immunity as part of their employment. Ipsum Health provides individual vaccines or courses of vaccinations required to ensure employees are protected at work.

    Workplace Vaccination

    Ipsum Health provides the following occupational vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis B

  • Influenza (Flu)

  • Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio

  • Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR)

  • Chickenpox (Varicella)

  • Ipsum Health can also assess the individual's relevant vaccination history and establish if an initial vaccination or booster vaccination is required. For more information about our vaccinations and immunisation testing please click the link below.


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