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What is Wart & small skin tag Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is an effective treatment for wart and small skin tag removal using Liquid Nitrogen. More efficient than histofreeze & less scarring than laser therapy it can be used for removal of common warts, verrucas, small skin tags and seborrhoeic warts.

What is a wart or verruca?

Warts and Verrucas are small growth?s with a rough texture caused by viruses in the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. They can look like a solid blister or a small cauliflower. A wart on the sole of your foot is called a verruca.

Warts and Verrucas usually disappear without treatment. However, it can take up to 2 years for the virus and the wart/ verruca to disappear. With Cryotherapy, liquid nitrogen is applied to your wart for a few seconds to freeze and destroy the affected skin cells. Following this, a sore blister will form which will scab over and eventually fall off in 7-10 days.

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags, also called acrochordons, are flesh coloured/ brown overgrowths of your skin that look like warts and are harmless. They are incredibly common and anyone can get skin tags, particularly in areas where your skin rubs against other skin or clothing. They are most common around the neck, armpits, groin and under the breasts. Typically, they don?t cause any symptoms, but can catch on clothing and become painful or bleed.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryosurgery is a highly effective treatment for a wide variety of benign (non-cancerous) skin problems. This is an ideal way to remove warts and verrucas. Extreme cold (liquid nitrogen) is used to destroy the abnormal tissue. Advantages of this technique are that it is quick and there is minimal risk of scarring or infection.


Number of Lesions: 1 - 3 (initial)

Time: 20 Minutes

Cost: £130

Follow up (If Required): £95

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Number of Lesions: 4 - 10 (initial)

Time: 30 Minutes

Cost: £195

Follow up (If Required): £135

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What to expect with Cryotherapy

Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold. When sprayed on your skin, the top skin layer rapidly freezes. When you leave The GP Surgery, the freezing site will probably be red and swollen, and it may sting and itch as it thaws. Expect the site to look worse over the next few days before it gets better. Swelling and/or blistering often develop within a couple of hours after treatment. 2-3 days after treatment a scab will probably form which will then take 7-10 days to fall off, leaving a pink smooth area.

  • Unfortunately, some warts are very stubborn and will need more than one treatment (follow up).

  • We are NOT able to provide any complementary treatments.

  • We cannot perform cryotherapy near your eye area.

  • Most lesions will only need one treatment. However, some of your warts may require follow up therapy. Your practitioner will inform you how many treatments may be needed before starting your treatment.

  • Cryotherapy site care

    1. The treatment site may get wet with normal bathing and showering.

    2. If a blister or scab forms, do not remove it, but allow it to heal on its own.

    3. If crusting develops, cleanse gently with soap and water and apply a thin layer of Vaseline twice daily.

    What are the risks of having Cryotherapy?

    You may have pain while the liquid nitrogen is being applied and afterwards. The treated skin may become red and swollen. You may develop a blister (common), scar (rare), or an open sore at the treatment area. Cryotherapy may also cause your treated skin to lighten (or darken) as it can damage pigment cells. Ask your clinician if you are worried or have questions about your procedure.

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