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You can now speak to a GMC registered doctor, either on the phone or via video. Appointments include the cost of a prescription and we can also arrange for it to be delivered directly to your door or collected from your nominated pharmacy. Appointments Available Now for £59 or ?109 for extended appointments

How does it work?

If you are unable to attend an appointment at one of our clinics or you have symptoms that do not require you to attend, we can contact you via phone or we now have the facility to see individual patients online via our video conferencing application.

You can use us the same way you would any GP. We can provide medical advice, online prescriptions and referrals. Please be aware there are some conditions that are inappropriate or we unable to adequately help with online. Prescriptions and referrals will only be made if clinically indicated.

  • You can call us on 03456 252 252 or book directly online to arrange an appointment via video or phone.

  • You will receive a confirmation via email. Appointments via video will also receive a link in the email to connect to the video appointment.

  • There is nothing to install, the video appointment will work with most internet browsers. However, we do recommend that appointments are undertaken either on a phone or tablet.

  • * Please ensure that you are in a safe and private environment.

    GP Consultation Remote via Telephone or Video

    Time: 15 Minutes

    Cost: £59

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    GP Consultation Remote via Telephone or Video (Extended)

    Time: 30 Minutes

    Cost: £109

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    how long are the appointments?

    The appointment are usually 15 minutes, but we recommend a 30 minute appoinment for your first appointment or if you would like more time with the doctor.

    What is included with the appointment?

    Appointment via video or phone includes the writing of a prescripion and or referral if required. Please be aware that as we are a private GP service, while the writing of the prescription is included in the consultation fee, you will need to pay for the medicine itself from the pharmacy. Medication prices may also vary depending on the dispensing pharmacy.

    What if the video doesn't work?

    There are some instances, due to the many different variables involved, which may influence whether the video or phone connection is successful. If a video link is unsuccessful for any reason we will attempt to contact you via phone, so please ensure that you provide a suitable contact number.

    The doctor hasn't called or started the video?

    We endevour to see all patients at an alloted time. However, if for any reason you do not hear from the doctor at your alloted time, please let us know.

    How can I get my prescription/referral letter?

    We can either post your prescription to you or send it directly to your nominated pharmacy. Please ensure that you are able to proivde acurate details of the pharmacy you would like us to send to.

    Private referrals and letters can be also posted to you or directly to the consultant or specialist.

    Can you provide advice for children under the age of 16?

    We see children under 16 but we are legally unable to provide medical advice to under 16's without parental supervision. The appointment must be booked using the parent or guardian?s details. The child must also be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a valid form of photo ID during the online doctor consultation.

    What if I need to cancel?

    If you cancel your appointment 24 hours before it starts, then you will receive a full refund. However, If you cancel your appointment within the 24-hour period before the appointment is due, then you will be liable to pay the cost of the consultation. If you do need to reschedule please call us on 03456 252 252.

    * Prescriptions will only be provided when it is clinically indicated by the doctor. The cost of writing the prescription is included in the cost of your appointment. However, you will ned to pay the cost of the medicine(s), either at the pharmacy or prior to being delivered.

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