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Private Prescriptions

Private prescriptions are included free of charge with all IGP GP appointments. Prescriptions can be:

  • Handed to you (hard copy) in a face to face appointment

  • Sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choosing

  • Sent to an online pharmacy for medication to be delivered direct to your home

  • Do I have to pay for the medication?

    A pharmacy will require you to pay for medication that has been prescribed on a private prescription. For the majority of medications the cost is nominal. If you wish to have medication posted to your home address a quote will be provided to you before processing.

    How do I book an appointment for a prescription?

    A GP appointment is required for a first time prescription and the GP will only prescribe if they feel it is clinically required. GP appointments can be booked as below:

    GP Consultation in Clinic

    Time: 30 minutes (First time appointment)

    Cost: £120

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    GP Consultation in Clinic

    Time: 20 minutes (Follow up appointment)

    Cost: £95

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    GP Consultation Remote via Telephone or Video

    Time: 15 Minutes

    Cost: £59

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    Repeat Prescriptions

    If you are a registered patient or have been seen before it may be apossible for us to issue a repeat prescription. Repeat prescriptions are free for My IGP Registered patients, but there is a £25 fee for those who are not registered. Please be aware that we will only issue a repeat prescriptions if appropriate and/or clinically indicated. You may also be asked to arrange a follow-up appointment before we are able to issue you with your prescription or medicine.

    How do I order a Repeat Prescription?

    In order to order a repeat prescription, you must first complete the following form indicating which medicines you require, the quanities and dosages of the medicine.

    Repeat Prescription Request

    Prescriptions - Important Information

    Prescriptions will only be provided when it is clinically indicated by the doctor. The cost of writing the prescription is included in the cost of your appointment. However, you will ned to pay the cost of the medicine(s), either at the pharmacy or prior to being delivered.

    What If I Need To Cancel?

    If you cancel your appointment 24 hours before it starts, then you will receive a full refund. However, If you cancel your appointment within the 24-hour period before the appointment is due, then you will be liable to pay the cost of the consultation. If you do need to reschedule please contact us as soon as possible.

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