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Private Consultant/Specialist Referrals

The Independent General Practice are able to refer you privately to see a private consultant or specialist. In some case you can self-refer to consultants in specific areas of medicine. However, in most cases a referral will be necessary. The first step in arranging an appointment with a consultant is to arrange an appointment with one of our GP's to ensure the clinical appropriateness of the referral and to the consultant you will be seeing.

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Consultants by speciality

Allergy and immunology weight loss Breast care Cardiac surgery Cardiology Colorectal (bowel) Cosmetic surgery Dermatology (skin) Diabetes, thyroid, endocrine and metabolic medicine Dietetics Ear, nose and throat (ENT) Endrocrine and thyroid surgery Gastroenterology Genito-urinary medicine (sexual health) Gynaecology Haematology (blood) Hepatology Liver, biliary and renal surgery Neurology Neurophysiology Neurosurgery Ophthalmology Oral and maxillofacial Orthopaedics (bones and joints) Paediatric and child health Paediatric surgery Pain management Podiatry Respiratory (chest) Rheumatology TIA and stroke Upper gastrointestinal Urology Vascular

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