Stress, Depression & Anxiety.

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Stress, Depression & Anxiety Management

The IGP is aware of the strains imposed by a busy lifestyle and the pressures associated with business and family life. Stress can manifest itself in many ways, both physically and emotionally. Unmanaged stress can lead to anxiety and in some depression which, whether mild or severe, can be very debilitating and potentially cause other clinically significant problems.

This is usually not just something you can "snap" out of. However, just taking the first step and deciding to get treatment can make all the difference.

Depression, Stress & Anxiety Management

In the first instance we would recommend that you arrange an appointment with one of our doctors to clinically assess your situation and to decide which form or treatment and/or advice is appropriate for your situation.

We can also refer you to the appropriate Counsellors and/or CBT Therapists who can offer further ongoing support and advice.

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