China Visa Medical

Our China visa medical is specifically for those looking to travel, live and/or work in China.

We provide Visa Medicals for those emigrating, travelling and/or working abroad. Many countries have vastly different entry requirements and the medicals themselves can be quite extensive. However, IGP have years of experience in undertaking visa medicals and we can guide you through each stage of the medical process.

What is included with the China visa medical?

Full Medical Examination
Chest X-Ray (CXR)
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Pathology (Blood, Urine & Stool Testing)
Medical Form Completion

You are advised to bring with you the forms required for completion of the medical, along with photo identification and a passport sized photograph. Please also bring any medication you are currently taking along with your prescription glasses if you wear them.

Can IGP provide the vaccinations required for travel to China?

Yes, IGP offer a comprehensive travel vaccination clinic an we should be able to provide the vaccinations required for travel to Bahrain. It is important that you stipulate which vaccines you require prior to the appointment to ensure we have the appropriate stock.

How do I find out what vaccines are required for China?

You can view details of the recommended vaccines for each specific country by using the link below. You should also check with your NHS GP practice to ensure you are up to date with any sheduled vaccines and any required booster doses.

Travel Vaccine Guide

If you do need any vaccinations, Please click link below and download Our form. You will not be able to complete and save the form using your internet browser. Please then return the form to

Travel Risk Assessment

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