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Covid-19 Quantitative Antibody Test Information

IGP uses the Roche Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2-S test. The test targets antibodies against the spike protein. It is anticipated that measuring these antibody levels will play a vital role in establishing vaccine efficacy and vaccine-induced immune response.

  • Assess your antibody response to contracting the Covid-19 virus.

  • Assess your antibody response to a Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Identify potential immunity levels to Covid-19.

  • A positive AB test ranges from 0.8 u/ml to 2500+ u/ml. The closer you are to 2500+ u/ml the higher the effective immunity to Covid-19.

  • Ability to track your antibody levels after contracting virus or receiving a vaccine to monitor the decrease of your antibodies and immunity over time.

  • The spike protein is the target of many COVID-19 vaccines in development. This blood test enables determination of both the presence and level of antibodies to the COVID spike protein. This test can signal whether a person has already been infected and has potentially developed immunity to the virus. This test plays an important part in characterising a vaccine-induced immune response.

    Antibody Quantitive Test (In Clinic)

    Results: 24hrs

    Cost: £80

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    Antibody Quantitive Test (Home Test)

    Results: 24hrs from receipt of sample at lab

    Cost: £70 + £7.50 Delivery

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    Covid-19 Quantitative Antibody Test FAQ's

    How Is The In Clinic Antibody Test Administered?

    The Antibody test is carried out from a venous (blood from arm) sample and sent same day to our laboratory by courier.

    How Is The Home Antibody Test Administered?

    The Home Antibody test is carried out from a "finger prick" capillary blood sample. The kit includes detailed instructions and a pre-paid 24/hr postage envelope for posting directly back to the laboratory.

    When Should An Antibody Test Be Carried Out?

    Testing should be undertaken 14 days or more following exposure or onset of symptoms.

    What Is The Difference Between The Quantitative Antibody Test And A Normal Antibody Test?

    The NEW Quantitative Antibody test differs to other Antibody test currently available in that it will provide an actual level of Covid-19 Antibodies present. It is expected that the Quantitative Antibody test will be a crucial new tool in helping individuals and society as a whole navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Can The Quantitative Antibody Test Tell If I Am Immune To Covid-19?

    A positive AB test ranges from 0.8 u/ml to 2500+ u/ml. The closer you are to 2500+ u/ml the higher the effective immunity to Covid-19.

    How Will I Receive My Results?

    Results are electronically received from the laboratory into our clinical system the moment they are processed. Your results will then be shared with you via our secure patient portal. You will receive an email prompting you to log in using your date of birth. The results will also include guidance about the outcome of your test and can be downloaded, printed or shared. If you test positive and require further advice you are able to contact one of our highly trained clinicians to discuss your results for no additional cost.

    Can the test identify if the antibodies were generated by the virus or a vaccine?

    No, although the test can identify the antibody levels it cannot differentiate between if these were generated from the virus or a vaccine.

    Covid-19 Testing Terms & Conditions

    It is important that all patients read our Terms & Conditions related to Covid-19 testing prior to arranging an appointment.

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