Covid-19 Proof of Recovery Certificates

IGP provides Covid-19 Proof of Recovery certificates following confirmation of previous covid infection.

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Certificate Of Recovery From Covid-19

It may now be possible for you to travel to some countries with a certificate that confirms your recovery from a Covid-19 infection within the last 180 days.

Certificates can only be issues at least 10 days after a positive RT-PCR test. Following confirmation of the test results and confirming you identification, our clinicians can assess and issue a certificate of recovery from Covid-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Covid-19 Recovery Certificate be used for?

Certain Countries or events may require proof of vaccination or recovery in order to provide entry. A Covid recovery certificate documents a persons previous infection and recovery, indicating that natural immunity has been developed to reduce the possiblity of re-infection of Covid-19.

Does the Recovery Certificate include a QR code?

No, unfortunately our certificate do not include a QR code for entry into events or locations within the country you are travelling to.

How do I obtain a Covid-19 Recovery Certificates?

We will need to confirm with you that you have had a positive PCR test within the last 180 days (but no earlier than 10 days) and also display no current symptoms of Covid-19.

If I have recovered from Covid-19 but my tests are still positive, can I still get a recovery certificate?

Yes - Covid-19 tests can still show as positive weeks or even months after the initial infection. If you have recovered and are still testing positive for Coronavirus but are not showing symptoms, we can evaluate if you have recovered and are no longer at risk of infecting others.

How will I receive my Certificate?

Your certificate will be shared with you within 3 hours of you submitting your PCR test certificate to us.

Is there an age limit to receiving a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

No - there is no age limit to receiving a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate.

Covid-19 Recovery Certificate (Remote Video Appointment)

Certificate Issue: Within 3 Hours

Cost: £85

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Covid-19 PCR Testing

PCR Swab (In Clinic)

Results: Next day before 10pm

Cost: £99

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Express PCR Swab (In Clinic)

Results: Sameday before 10pm

Cost: £149

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