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Blood, Urine & Stool Tests in Cardiff, Newport & Swansea.

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At IGP we offer an extensive range of blood urine and stool tests from each of our clinics in Cardiff, Newport & Swansea. Using the UK?s top private laboratories, the tests can be carried out as part of a GP consultation or directly with one of our experienced practice nurses. For a growing number of tests home sample kits are now also available.

Blood Testing

A significant range of 100’s of different blood tests are available, with most tests results back within 24 hours. Below are just some of our more common blood tests:

  • Blood Group - to identify your blood group

  • Vitamin and Nutrition Tests - a variety of tests available, often to identify Vitamin B, C and D levels or anomalies in Nutrition and Vitamin effected markers.

  • Full Blood Count - provides a numeric value for the cell types in your body and is often an indicator of underlying issues such as anaemia or infection.

  • Thyroid Function Test - analyses the level of thyroid hormones in the body.

  • Pregnancy Blood Test - provides early detection of pregnancy and is required for a number of travel and visa medicals.

  • Sexual Health Testing - as part of our sexual health services we offer a full range of STD and STI testing, some of which are taken with blood.

  • Home Blood Tests

    We now have a wide selection of our tests that can be carried out from home, with a finger prick test. For these tests we courier a collection kit with next day delivery to your home. The kits include pre-paid packaging to send the sampled back direct to the laboratory.

    Urine & Stool Tests


    Many tests can now be undertaken as instant urine 'Dip' tests for convenience and efficiency. There are also a number of diagnostic tests that require urine samples to be sent to our laboratories as opposed to blood.

    Some of our more common Urine tests are used for Instant Sexual Health testing and Instant Drug and alcohol screening.


    Typically used for gastrointestinal diagnosis, stool tests kits are posted out to your home for the sample taking, and can either rbe dropped back to one of our clinics, or posted directly back to the laboratory with pre-paid packaging supplied with the kit.

    How do I book a test?

    Tests can be booked online from HERE or by telephone on 03456 252252. If you are unsure what tests you require or administration team will be able to assist and advise you of the best route.

    How do I get my results?

    Our Doctors or Nurses will share the results with you via our secure patient portal. They will provide comments on the results and may wish to have a follow up discussion to discuss the results in more detail. From the patient portl results can be printed, emailed or saved for your convenience. Our clinicians are always available to discuss and answer any questions you have on any of your tests you have with us.

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