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General Pathology

General Pathology Testing in Cardiff, Newport & Swansea.

IGP Level Checks are a range of private health screens and individual blood tests carefully selected by our iGP Clinicians. The tests provide easy access to low cost testing of your key biomarkers to help manage, maintain and improve your health.

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General Pathology Testing

There could be a number of reasons to request a specific test or test profile (range of tests). Pathology, which includes collecting samples from urine, blood, saliva, stool, hair, semen and/or skin can be used to provide peace of mind, help diagnose a specific condition or to satisfy a legal requirement for employment or travel.

At IGP we offer an extensive range of tests from each of our clinics in Cardiff, Newport & Swansea. Using the UK's top private laboratories, the tests can be carried out as part of a GP consultation or directly with one of our experienced practice nurses. Some of our tests are also available as home testing kits, which you do yourself.

How do I get my results?

Our Doctors or Nurses will share the results with you via our secure patient portal. From the patient portal results can be printed, emailed or saved for your convenience.

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How do I book a test?

iGP offer a number different ways to approach and book your testing. If you simply need the test result, you can book with a nurse by contacting us. Alternatively, you can also book our Level Checks tests directly online using the links below. These results are not interpreted by our clinicians, but abnormal results are highlighted on your results. If you decide after the test that you would like to discuss your results with one of our doctors, we can arrange that for you. Our Level Checks are suitable for those >18 years of age.

If you would prefer to discuss with a doctor which test is most appropriate for you and would like to have your results interpreted, you will need to have a GP appointment with testing. When the results return after testing, the doctor will provide comments on the results and may request to have a follow-up with you to discuss the results in more detail. This can be conducted in clinic, but can usually be conducted online via phone or video.

Our team are always available to discuss and answer any questions you have on any of your tests you have with us.

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Nurse Appointment

Nurse Testing Appointment

Information: Here at IGP we offer an extensive range of blood tests via two of the UK?s largest private laboratories. If you are looking for a specific blood test or have your own test kit provided by another consultant or doctor, contact us to find out more.

Time: 20 Mins

Cost: £55 (+ Test Cost)

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Level Checks is a simple, low-cost way to check your levels

IGP Level Checks are a range of health screens and individual blood tests, carefully selected by our iGP clinicians. The tests provide easy access to low-cost testing of your key biomarkers to help manage, maintain and improve your health.

Please be aware that this is a testing/examination service only for you to take your results to your own clinician or by arranging a follow-up GP appointment with iGP. Results will not be interpreted without a follow-up GP appointment. However, results outside the standard testing range will be highlighted on your results. Please contact us directly if you would like help deciding which of our testing options is best for you.

  • Level Checks - Full Screens

    Level Checks - Full ScreensMore Info
  • Basic Health Screen

    More Info
  • Standard Health Screen

    More Info
  • Standard Plus Health Screen

    More Info
  • Tired All The Time Screen

    More Info
  • Sports Performance

    More Info
  • Anaemia Profile

    More Info
  • Vitamins and Minerals Screen

    More Info
  • Female Hormone Health

    More Info
  • Male Hormone Health

    More Info
  • Level Checks - Individual Tests

    Level Checks - Individual TestsMore Info
  • Thyroid Function

    More Info
  • Diabetes Status

    More Info
  • Heart Health

    More Info
  • Digestive Health

    More Info
  • Home Blood Tests

    We now have a wide selection of our tests that can be carried out from home, with a finger prick test. For these tests we courier a collection kit with next day delivery to your home. The kits include pre-paid packaging to send the sampled back direct to the laboratory.

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    Screening Services

    IGP provides a comprehensive testing & screening service. Test samples are collected daily, at the end of clinic, via courier service and most results are available the following day.

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

    Electrocardiogram (ECG)More Info
  • Echocardiogram (ECHO)

    Echocardiogram (ECHO)More Info
  • MRI Scan (Via Referral)

  • Chest X-Ray (Via Referral)

  • Physical Examination

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