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Sports Performance

Private Sports Performance Tests in Cardiff, Swansea or Newport

IGP Level Checks are a range of health screen and individual blood tests carefully selected by our iGP Clinicians. The tests provide easy access to low cost testing of your key biomarkers to help manage, maintain and improve your health.

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How does it work?

Simply Book your appointment online or by contacting us directly. At the time of booking, you will be emailed a pre-appointment questionnaire, which you can complete online. You will then visit an iGP clinic for your blood test (and physical examination if appropriate).

Randox Report

Following your appointment you will receive an electronic report clearly detailing your test results, how they compare to a healthy range, the implications and recommended next steps. Test result reports are shared via our secure patient portal, usually within 72 hours (results can take longer depending on the test you requested). The comprehensive report uses a traffic light system for ease of understanding and is available to download, print or share with other medical experts as required.

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Level Check Testing & Health Screens

Please be aware that this is a testing/examination service only for you to take your results to your own clinician or by arranging a follow-up GP appointment with iGP. Results will not be interpreted without a follow-up GP appointment. However, results outside the standard testing range will be highlighted on your results. Your results will also include a link to book an online appointment if you wish to discuss your results with one of our doctors. There will be a £79 fee for this appointment, but the appointment is not required.

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Sports Performance

Information: Our sports performance blood test is a comprehensive panel of tests that are used to assess an individual's physiological and biochemical status and to identify potential areas for improvement in athletic performance. Please use the book now button to book your appointment at IGP. Locations will be available as a dropdown option on the booking screen.

Test Details: Full Blood Count, Nutritional Health, Thyroid Health, Stress Health, Heart Health, Liver Health, Hormonal Health, Diabetes Health, Urinalysis, Iron Status, Infection & Inflammation, Kidney Health, Muscle & Joint Health, Bone Health

Examination: Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate

Results: 72hrs

Important: Fast from midnight & drink plenty of water. Suitable for those >18 years of age.

Cost: £259

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Sports Performance

Sports performance blood tests are a valuable tool for athletes looking to optimize their training and performance. These tests can provide valuable insights into an athlete's overall health and help identify any underlying issues that may be impacting their performance.

One of the primary benefits of a sports performance blood test is that it can help athletes identify any potential nutrient deficiencies or imbalances that may be hindering their progress. For example, a low iron level can lead to fatigue and decreased endurance, while a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals can impact muscle function and recovery. By identifying and addressing these deficiencies, athletes can improve their training and performance.

In addition to identifying nutrient deficiencies, sports performance blood tests can also help athletes monitor their overall health and identify any potential health risks. For example, a blood test can help detect high cholesterol levels, which can increase the risk of heart disease, or high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of stroke. By identifying and addressing these issues early on, athletes can take steps to improve their overall health and reduce the risk of injury or illness.

Overall, sports performance blood tests can provide valuable insights into an athlete's health and help identify any potential issues that may be impacting their training and performance. By working with a healthcare professional to interpret and act on the results of a sports performance blood test, athletes can optimize their training and reach their full potential.

What If I Need To Cancel?

If you cancel your appointment 24 hours before it starts, then you will receive a full refund. However, If you cancel your appointment within the 24-hour period before the appointment is due, then you will be liable to pay the cost of the consultation. If you do need to reschedule please contact us as soon as possible.

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