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Tests & Screens

The Independent General Practice

Tests & Screens

The IGP provides a comprehensive testing & screening service. There could be a number of reasons to request a specific test or range of tests (test profile). Pathology, which includes collecting samples from urine, blood, saliva, stool or skin can be used to provide peace of mind, help diagnose a specific condition or to satisfy a legal requirement for employment or travel.


Alergy Testing - (Adults Only via Blood) Pregnancy Test Fertility Tests Immunology & Virology Prostate Test (PSA) & Examination Smear (PAPT) General Profiles (Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, etc.)

Sexual Health Testing:

Sexual Health Testing

Drug & Alcohol:

Drug & Alcohol Testing

DNA Testing:

DNA Testing


If you would like a profile of tests as part of a general health screen, IGP provide a range of wellness medicals to give you a complete picture of your overall general health.

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