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The IGP aims to give a comprehensive travel advice service, including an immunisation programme, advice on infections and health risks that travellers may encounter while abroad. We also offer advice and treatment of travel sickness, assessment of risk of DVT, advice regarding sun protection and coping with illnesses or accidents while on holiday.

Travellers should consider the nature of their trip, for instance: the length of stay, the area that your are staying, the conditions and the nature of your trip. This may be because premises that you are staying in for only a few days with hygienic conditions would pose less of a risk of infection to someone travelling extensively to rural areas where health risks are considerably higher and medical facilities are limited.

Cholera Diptheria/Tetanus/PolioHepatitis A Hepatitis B Japanese Encephalitis MalariaRabiesTick Borne Encephalitis Typhoid Yellow Fever

Travel Risk Assessment

Travellers may sometimes be informed by travel companies and embassies that nothing is needed. Be warned, this could mean that no vaccination certificates are required for entry into that country - Immunisation may however, still be recommended.

Please be aware that for full immunity some vaccination courses, with more than one vaccine required, may take up to a month or longer. Please, also be aware that many vaccinations will not become fully effective until around 10 - 14 days after the course completion. It is strongly advised that you leave plenty of time to complete the course before your trip. Intervals between different vaccines or doses are recommended, which allows time for antibodies to be produced and any reaction to the vaccine to subside.

In order for us to assess the most appropriate vaccines please complete our Travel Risk Assessment.

Please click link below and download the form. You will not be able to complete and save the form using your internet browser. Please then return the form to

Travel Risk Assessment

Travel Vaccine Guide

Travellers to foreign countries, in particular tropical regions will need to be vaccinated against an array of illnesses and diseases. Individual should obtain information relating to the country or countries they intend to visit, when deciding which travel vaccines they require. You can view details of the recommended vaccines for each specific country by using the link below.

Travel Vaccine Guide

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