What vaccinations do IGP Administer?

IGP offers a range of vaccinations in order to assist in the prevention of childhood illnesses as well as those that may develop later in life. Generally, we do not provide vaccines that are available for free via the NHS. The exception to this is for vaccines that are only available to individuals at certain age ranges via the NHS, such as Meningitis B, Shingles, Flu, HPV and MMR.

Child & Adult Vaccinations

Chickenpox Influenza (Flu) Hepatitis B HPV / Cervical Cancer Meningitis ACWY Meningitis B Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Shingles Single Measles / MMR

Travel Vaccinations

We also provide a range of travel vaccines suitable for those travelling and/or working abroad. Travel vaccinations, which are required for counties that pose a higher risk, are only carried out following a Travel Risk Assessment and Consultation. The brand of vaccine we supply may also vary depending on the current supply status of a particular vaccine.

For more information relating to our travel vaccine services please follow the Travel Clinic link below.

Travel Vaccine Clinic

From what age do IGP administer vaccines?

We are able to vaccinate at any age at our Cardiff Gate and Bristol clinics (our Swansea clinic is limited to children over the age of 3). However, each vaccine will have it's own clinical indication for what age a person needs to be before it can be administered under license.

How long does it take for vaccines to become effective?

Many vaccinations will not become fully effective until a few weeks after the vaccine has been administered. Some immunisations will also need more than one vaccine. A course of vaccines may be required to provide longevity or full immunity. Intervals between different vaccines or doses may be recommended, to allow time for antibodies to be produced and any potential reaction to the vaccine to subside. It may be advisable to take sensible precautions during this time.

If you are travelling abroad, please be aware that It is strongly advised that you leave plenty of time to complete a possible course of vaccines before your trip. Some vaccines can take weeks or even months to complete and become effective.

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